Brunton Compass / Plane Table / Prismatic Compass

Brunton Compass
AKI's Brunton Compass is a necessary measuring Instruments for Geological Survey etc.

Plane Table
AKI’s Plane Table Set with P.T. Board 600 mm x 750 mm made of best quality Fir Wood with hard wood battens at the back fitted with brass screws and washers, nuts for clamping, provided with brass circular disc, compete with brass sight vane, spirit level, plumb bob, plumbing fork, magnetic compass, canvas cover and a highly polished wooden stand.

Prismatic Compass
AKI's Prismatic Compass is made of Brass / Aluminium / Gun Metal size 100mm, 125mm, 150mm dia. Complete in case with Aluminium Telescopic / Rigid / Wooden Tripod.

  • High Accuracy, quality, durability and workmanship.
  • Painted with water proof paints.
  • Carrying cases are made of Fibre with carrying straps.

Plane Table Board 600 X 750 X 16 mm 600 X 750 X 22 mm ------- ------
Plane Table Stand Wooden Teak Wood Aluminium ------
Plane Table Head Ordinary Quality Size ISI Specification Johnson Type
Megnetic Compass 150 mm Aluminium 150 mm Brass ------ ------
Spirit Level 150 mm Aluminium 150 mm Brass 150 mm Quality Size ------
Alidade / Sight Vane Brass Quality Size ISI Specification ------
Plumbing Fork Aluminium Brass Brass Heavy ------
Plumb Bob Steel Brass Quality Size ------
Canvas Cover Half Full ------ ------